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Case Studies

“Working hard to give you the best return on your money”

We have a wide range of professional contracted workers that have carried out hundreds of residential and commercial real estate developments. We have a strong relationship of working closely with local councils to ensure all work meets dedicated building standards and regulations.

Our Investment Management service covers anythng from residential refurbishment, land acquisition, new builds and commercial sites, See examples below:

Heavy Refurbishment:


New Builds (Land)

New Build

Heavy Refurbishments: (Structural)

New Builds (Land)

Development Only (Commercial 2 Residential Conversions)

Bungalows Only (Structural Damaged)

HMO Only (Article 4)

Light Refurbishments:

We have many more case studies that didn't quite make our Website! Let us know if you want more bungalow examples, single lets, detached houses, HMO's & we will share a archive link with you.

What level of refurbishment is for me? Our Investments come in different sizes and the level you choose depends on the level of capital available to Invest. The exit strategy should also be considered, therefore key to have an initial consultation with a member of our team so we can assess and recommend the right size of Investment. The examples given here are based on cash purchases but can also be obtained with specialist finance for inhabitable properties. These require only 30% of the capital outlined above. 

Or if you're interested in supporting one of our current cash purchases with an Investment only model "Fixed Income Return with Interest"

Please contact us for more in-depth illustrations and information on joint venturing your next deal.

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