Our Trademark 1st Event

Held in London April 2017 

On the 20th April 2017 at 6.30pm we held our first seminar on Investments in Real Estate to the Crowne Plaza, Blackfriars, London. We wanted to give the opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs to find out how they can purchase distressed real estate and embark upon a successful refurbishment project. Investors found out first hand the results clients have been obtaining through refurbishing distressed UK property. As well as the high levels of profit generated from these investments.


We’ve put together a roundup of the evenings event.

It was an amazing evening and we sold out within 2 weeks of opening the invites. We then amend the venue location and size, which shows the current market interest among investors for real estate projects still remains high.

98% of those attending rated the event either very

good’ or ‘excellent’, with 62% asking to arrange a meeting to discuss future investment opportunities or access to sourcing the deals we discussed on the day.

Case Studies
Joseph Aston - Vantage Finance
Who are Brighter Investments
Who are Brighter Investments
Vantage Finance
Who are Brighter Investments
Case Studies
Q & A Session
Who are Brighter Investments
Joseph Aston - Vantage Finance
Options to grow your wealth session
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blackfriars
Brighter Investments
Networking & Refreshements
Case Studies
Brighter Investments

Romero Howe and Michael Scott from Brighter Investments discussed what do typical refurbishment projects look like.

We saw examples of typical purchase prices that were £110,000 holding an average refurbishment cost of £5,000 but were then revalued at £135,000. After fees these have an average of £20,000 created in equity.

They also looked into the options available to grow your wealth including unfixed capital returns and fixed income returns. More information is available on brighterinvestments.com/investor-options

Joseph Aston from Vantage Finance discussed financing options and funding your investments. Discussing how lenders differ in terms of the types of funding they can offer to investors. What banks like to see from investors when funding distressed property purchases. What is the difference between buy to let and bridging finance.

Natasha Pennant from Tash Consultancy discussed how it is a pleasure for her to work closely with Brighter Investments as a client. She highlighted how working in the capital means her time is limited to manage properties and look for investments.

We then finished with a Q & A session and networking as a celebration for the official launch of Brighter Investments.

We would like to help add value for investors to understand great deals are available by working with us at Brighter Investments. We want all investors to feel motivated, happy and proud that they have done a successful project.


Our services & partners specialise in:

  • Investment Management

  • Property Consultancy

  • Property Management

  • Sourcing Distressed Property

  • Financing Options

  • HMO Property refurbishment


Following the event, we asked guests for a few comments. Here’s what they thought:

Very impressed with the content given on distressed property investments.”

Informative, so much more to learn.”

“Very knowledgeable, thought provoking, exciting & excellent!

“The event has been really enlightening and very useful to learn about the different types of investment options available”


If you’d like to discuss distressed property investments further or schedule a meeting, please contact us or call 03301331162. To keep up to date with the latest investments please check out @brighterinvestments on Instagram, or like us on facebook

Romero Howe

Brighter Investments

What do typical distressed refurbishments look like

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