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Fixed Income Return With Interest 

“Tailoring the right services for our investors & helping to bridge the gap”

We cater for all types of investors who want a fixed return on their investment which is agreed and guaranteed from the offset. We work closely with investors who feel the saving options available at high street banks aren’t giving them a good enough return and want to achieve a higher rate. This service fits well with investors that want to achieve a return with interest generated over a short period of time. They also have peace of mind that a set amount will be returned once the investment term expires. In addition to investors that want to learn property investment skills but feel the task of an asset registered in their name is a daunting one to start with.

Whether you want to continue with your day-to-day jobs, or you want to learn with us and become a seasoned professional dealing in distressed properties; we’re happy to show you how it’s done on the so you can run your own projects in the future.


  • Minimum Investments: £15,000

  • Maximum Investments: £2,000,000

  • Average Interest rate: from 8%

How long does the Fixed income with return take?

The investment period is from 10 months with a fixed income return given at the end of the period. Shorter flexible periods can also be agreed with an interest payment made on a pro rata basis, times are dependable upon level of investment made.


What happens at the end of the agreed period?

You receive your initial investment returned with interest at the original agreed rate. You can then decide to reinvest to generate another return on your investment over a given period.


Can I get involved with a refurbishment project and learn myself as I want to move onto “No fixed cap” product next?

Yes, you can decide whether you would like to be involved. This would be in the planning stages, helping us create a stamp on a refurbishment project were managing, taking control and designing the interior of the property, aiming to add as much value from the redesign to enable the highest return as possible.

How can you guarantee the return?

We have a track record of creating the best possible return on Investments and also obtaining the best property deals to ensure we achieve great returns. With this said we also give you a registered restriction on the purchased asset which ensures you legally have a registered interest in the asset you are investing in.

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