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Property Management

“We do all the hard jobs and take away the hassle"

Accommodating for all types of investors means we now offer “Market value purchases” and “Property Management”, this takes away the time issue for investors that just want to purchase a buy to let property and have the rental income generated within weeks of a purchase.

As part of the consultancy we can help source properties, analyse surveys and purchase illustrations to ensure you achieve a great yield of over 6%. Our consultancy will help you build a mass real estate portfolio with greater ease.

We can also help with the rental of properties once the purchase/refurbishment works have been completed. We follow a stringent process to find the suitable tenant for your property. As part of the included consultancy we ask what ideal tenant our landlords would like. We then have in mind the expectations our landlords wants to achieve.


We offer various options of rental for landlords and investors including:


  • Full Management Service:

  • Residential Lettings Service:

  • Tenant Introduction Service:

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