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Investments in Real Estate Series Roundup

Event Roundup!

After great feedback from our official Launch event in April and the follow on in July, we returned for our quarterly event. We decided to return to Blackfriars, London with our leading series on 'Investments in Real Estate'

On Thursday the 19th October once again we opened the doors at Crowne Plaza hotel. Aiming to give investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to find out how they can purchase distressed real estate, and embark upon a successful refurbishment project. We shared insight to the results current distressed projects are achieving for clients.

After the launch event in April and our second event in July, we were aiming to return in a bigger and better way, We knew there would be more inve

stors keen to learn more and discuss how we can help them create personal financial growth. We received multiple enquiries and emails regarding confirmation of attending the event and clarification if it was still taking place. The team here were delighted to discuss at such an early stage and still see these investors again.

In our last blog we commented that we are regularly asked "since Brexit and other government changes is the housing market still buoyant." This question came up again tonight and our response was the same. We like to say yes it is and first time buyers are still out their buying. Also we like to use feedback from our financial partners to establish if their is appetite among our audience who are buying these properties once we renovate them. The financial firms we work closely with advise they still see a large amount of buyers requesting mortgage term illustrations.

All attendees advised the event was very good and gave them further insight to think about various investment options. We also received multiple request for follow up meetings instantly as investors are keen to find a partner they can work closely with and that aim to give them the best returns.

Session Overview

- Michael Scott from Brighter Investments discussed Brighter Investments aims and how we can help you as an Investor. More info available at

- Romero Howe then looked at what do typical refurbishment projects look like. Looking at examples such as typical purchase prices that were around £105,000 holding an average refurbishment cost of £20,000 but were then revalued at £155,000. After fees these have an average of £27,000 created in equity.


also looked into the options available to grow your wealth including unfixed capital returns and fixed income returns with interest. More information is available on

- Romero also discussed HMO properties, which are houses that hold multiple occupants and include a substantial yield and advised clients speak to PPN owner Daniel Hill who is a great partner of Brighter Investments and specialise within this area. You can find out more at

- Romero also discussed how we have designed a bespoke online portal "BI Portal" which allows investors to track their investment and log on 24/7 anytime, anywhere. This enables them to see the latest spend available.

- Joseph Aston from Vantage Finance discussed financing options and funding your investments. Discussing how lenders differ in terms of the types of funding they can offer to investors. What banks like to see from investors when funding distressed property purchases? Also what is the difference between buy to let and bridging finance?

- We then finished with a Q & A session to bring the evening to a close.

We would like to help add value for investors to understand great deals are available by working with us at Brighter Investments. We want all investors to feel motivated, happy and proud that they have done a successful project.

Don’t forget our services & partners specialise in:

  • Project Management

  • Property Consultancy

  • Property Management

  • Sourcing Distressed Property

  • Financing Options

  • HMO Property refurbishment

If you’d like to discuss distressed property investments further and schedule a meeting, please contact us or call 03301331162 or if you'd like to improve your knowledge of investments availble look out for our upcoming events. To keep up to date with the latest investments please check out @brighterinvestments on Instagram, or like us on facebook

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