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Brighter Investments Invite LN Capital Onsite

On Feb 6th 2019, Romero Howe Director of Brighter investments invited LN Capital down to one of their sites for a review to see how we got on in developing an old commercial pub into 6 residential flat units. These flats will be used as SA's (Serviced Accommodation)

With large capital outlays and long winded procedures to follow including planning permission. We will manage the process every step of the way in order to ensure the project is finished to a high standard

The Numbers?

Typically each apartment can rent for between £70 - £120 (Midlands Rate) per night depending upon the location, day of the week and time of year. An Average £70 per night multiplied by 30 days (80%) occupancy = £1,680 Per apartment per month. Multiplied by 6 flats that's circa £10k per month. Which equates to circa £120k Per Annum. For the right SA running in a desirable location.

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