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Our 9th Event Held! Yet our 1st Nottingham Event!

After great feedback from the previous 8 events held where 7 of them had been held in London. We finally decided it was only right to host a session in our hometown of Nottingham.

We picked "Double Tree By Hilton" as the venue to host the event. Situated just outside the City Centre but with close proximity of the M1 we felt this was the right venue for our needs.

As with all our previous events the ideal reason for hosting these sessions is to give back to those looking to learn more about property. We remember when we first started there wasn't anyone we could ask a simple question to. As we opened the doors on Thursday the 23rd May 2019. We wanted investors and entrepreneurs to establish two keys things from the meet which were; how can they purchase distressed real estate, and embark upon a successful refurbishment project. We shared insight to the results current distressed projects are achieving for clients across the UK.

We found the social media influence had changed greatly over the past 2 years, with a larger amount of likewise investors sharing great content on various online platforms.

For the first time we had media coverage of the event and managed to capture great video content of the day, in addition to delegate feedback.

All attendees praised how much they enjoyed the event as it gave them further insight to think about various investment options. We also received multiple request for follow up meetings instantly as they are interested in our Investment management solutions.

Session Overview:

- Michael Scott from Brighter Investments opened up the evening to discuss Brighter Investments aims and how we can help you as an Investor. More info available at

- Romero Howe then looked at what do typical refurbishment projects look like. However this time delving deeper into structural issue properties that need a heavy refurbishment scheme. Most of these remain un-mortgageable and had short completion deadlines such as 14 days. However the profit on these were phenomenal with Macaulay Drive achieving £31,000, Wragby Road £60,000 and Sherbrooke Road HMO Refurb £130,000 Net after all cost. With Pademoor anticipating circa £120,000 Profit. As with the past 12 months messaging from Romero it continues to show that the larger developments continue to achieve the best numbers possible above the "keep it simple" projects.

Romero also briefly touch on commercial developments which also had a high profit margin on 1.1 Million Net.

- Spike Reddington (Property Investor Network - PIN) Nottingham Boss. Joined us to discuss the importance of Networking and why you should meet with like minded people. We also had a praise draw giving two delegates the chance to start their property journey with first steps of online training.

- Luigi Newton discussed how HMO's can deliver great number especially as a refurbishment HMO project. He discussed how yields works and how this can differ depending on the location in the UK you decide to Invest in.

- Romero also looked into the options available to grow your wealth including fixed income returns with interest, where investors know exactly what their return will be and when. In addition to "no fixed cap" where investors may want to own the asset with us providing the solution around it and aim for the best possible return.More information is available on incomereturn

- Andrew Hunt from Sterling Capital Reserve discussed financing options and ways to fund your investments. Discussing how lenders differ in terms of the types of funding they can offer to investors. What specialist lenders like to see from investors when funding distressed property purchases/developments?

- We then finished with a Q & A session to bring the evening to a close where we answered various questions regarding all aspects of property.

We would like to help add value for investors to understand great deals are available by working with us at Brighter Investments. We want all investors to feel motivated, happy and proud that they have done a successful project.

Our Key Services:

  • Investment Management

  • Financing Options

  • HMO Property refurbishment

What do delegates say?

If you’d like to discuss distressed property investments further and schedule a meeting, please contact us or call 03301331162 or if you'd like to improve your knowledge of investments availble look out for our upcoming events. To keep up to date with the latest investments please check out @brighterinvestments on Instagram, or like us on facebook

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