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Investing in Property Event - London

Our 13th Networking event saw us return to where it all started back in 2017! Bridewell 1 @ The Crowne Plaza Hotel, Blackfriars, London. Our 1st ever event had 13 attendees keen to know more about property. Fast forward 30 Months later we had a packed room of 37 Investors keen to know more about property.

After great feedback from the previous 12 events we decided to do something different and give both new and existing Investors the chance to analyse deals and say if the numbers stack up for them! They had to do their very own Due Diligence process and look at the purchase price through market research, refurb budget & GDV (Gross Development Value)

We had a few delegates that were spot on with their numbers and doing the right thing in terms of research methods to see if the deal stacks!

The change in this type of session was first announced a week prior in Nottingham round a table. Feedback was then and also at this event was on how different this was to what they typically see We remember when we first started there wasn't anyone we could ask a simple question to. As we opened the doors on Thursday the 14th November 2019. We wanted investors and entrepreneurs to establish two keys things from the meet which were; how can they purchase distressed real estate, and embark upon a successful refurbishment project. We shared insight to the results current distressed projects are achieving for clients across the UK.

We found the social media influence had changed greatly over the past 2 years, with a larger amount of likewise investors sharing great content on various online platforms.

All attendees praised how much the round table session as it gave them further insight to think about various investment options.

Session Overview:

- Romero also touched upon content on how to increase scope in a property. This can be applied to either a distressed property or an existing investment you may already own. He discussed how adding bathrooms and rooms if done for the right price will influence these end valuations.

- Samuel discussed methods of sourcing away from the online platforms. How he sourced a £250,000 property for just £130,000 and how he continued to get the best deals availble off market.

- Tej Talks brought a key message on the importance of networking and building your brand. He shared how he has achieved thousands of podcast listens in under 12 months.

We will be running more sessions next year similar to this as well as our New 1 Day Workshop for those looking to take their property business to the next level. Contact us to today to register your interest.

We would like to help add value for investors to understand great deals are available by working with us at Brighter Investments. We want all investors to feel motivated, happy and proud that they have done a successful project.

Our Key Services:

  • Investment Management

  • Financing Options

  • HMO Property refurbishment

What did our delegates say?

"I found this event VERY useful and Informative. Thanks for sharing and being naturally Opened-minded about Property Investment." "Keep Going" "Do a Saturday Course" "Your Marketing Knowledge, Skills and Experience in Property (especially re-building DISTRESSED ! properties) surely Brightened ☀️ through !"

If you’d like to discuss distressed property investments further and schedule a meeting, please contact us or call 03301331162 or if you'd like to improve your knowledge of investments availble look out for our upcoming events. To keep up to date with the latest investments please check out @brighterinvestments on Instagram, or like us on facebook

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