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Joint Ventures Launch in 2018

A bigger Investment by sharing the capital load!

So you have decided your ready to embark on a new project. You have tested the market, performed the necessary due diligence. However you would like to purchase a property cash in order to create increased profits.

Forming a joint venture holds many advantages including:

  • Access to larger investments that create greater ROI

  • The ability to share the load and capital outlay with others

  • Access to greater knowledge and resources

  • A greater capacity to produce a better standard refurbishment

Working with Brighter investments we have a pool of Investors ready and looking for Joint Venture partnerships to purchase property.We have special drafted contracts that are legally binding for both parties, signed and authorised by the acting solicitor. There is also a holding property form that legally states the percentage share of the property again authorised by the acting solicitor.

This is important and help outlines clearly that all parties to the project are 100% certain of their rights, responsibilities and obligations.

Statistics now show Investors are largely positive about their past experience with joint ventures and expect such partnerships to grow.

Within 1 week we have received comments such as "My £160,000 Investment is now achievable as I have access to £90,000 but was struggling to raise the remaining funds. Now I can Invest now and won't need to wait another 2 years"

Cultivate a trusting relationship

Building a sustainable, ongoing, trust-based relationship, not a one-time deal. We ensure we will put you in touch with a likewise investor to create this long term investment partnership.

We look forward to partnering you with an investor soon.

Get in touch today to find out more detail

Call: 0330 133 1162 Email:

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