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Romero Howe - Real Estate Consultant (London)

​With eight years investment experience he is vastly becoming a successful entrepreneur with a growing portfolio. Gaining recognition among peers and in the property industry for the refurbishment projects he has managed from start to finish. With a fast growing portfolio of rental properties within his first four years he is keen to pass on what is already a vast amount of knowledge within a short space of time. He is renowned for being very strict with budget and will ensure to deliver a project within the forecast illustrated. Focused on managing client relationships closely and meeting expectations for your investment.

Michael Scott - Senior Real Estate Consultant (North)

With experience of renovating large projects for over 25 years, there is nothing Mick is yet to face. With great technical expertise he ensures nothing is missed during property refurbishments and is the go to person when it comes to technical project know how.

Areas of proficiency include leadership, he’s sure to teach you a thing or two within real estate. 

Lorena Castillo - Legal Admin

With experience of working closely with investors to ensure the terms and conditions of the agreements are agreeable by both parties. With a friendly face at the end of the phone you will surely recognise quickly the high level of help at hand.

Phillippa Mckerdy - Business Development

Working closely with the Marketing team Phillippa continues to develop new products and services tailored for Investors. Ensuring Investors are totally happy with the process of working with us and have access to all the tools they need. Phillippa is the brain child behind the "BI Portal" enabling Investors to access their current projects and see updates on a fortnightly basis.

Ruth Collier - Marketing Manager

Market research and ensuring we have the products available that investors would like to invest in. Investors are my focus to ensure they will be happy and continue to work with us year after year. I like to see the rewards of these efforts through measured analysis. I too like good return on investments!

Sarah Scott - Project Manager

I'm a people person I work closely with investors to ensure we can source a suitable site or tenant for you. We undergo a rigorous check before recommending the right tenant for you. Dealing with telephone and email enquiries on a day to day basis, whilst arranging appointments and visits. We ensure that we continue  to build a healthy relationship with all our investors.

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